Top 10 OFFLINE Games to Play in 2020

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Some good news for gamers! Playing online on your cellphone is definitely fun, but there is plenty of reasons you might want to know the best offline games.

Maybe your internet connection isn’t stable, maybe your commute takes you underground, or maybe you just like the feeling of disconnecting for a while and slipping into your own, private world. Whatever your reason, you’ve come to the right place! Thankfully, here are the best offline games you can play right now!


This is the third person adventure in the world of the near future! The game has an exciting story with dialogues, where some scientists did an experiment on your main character and now you have to find out the goals of your pursuers and understand who your real ally is! You will have a lot of fun finding out! The whole campaign is filled with intrigue and battle on a variety of locations, bosses and enemies. You can also perform close combat clashes, the simple control and beautiful graphics make this worthwhile game!

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