Astounding – Homes That Are Completely Hidden From Public View

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Villa Vals (Vals, Switzerland)

It is known that local authorities make construction rules so we always try not to break them. This is what happened in the case of Villa Vals in Switzerland because the major reason for building an underground villa is to avoid breaking local laws. In their country, it is not allowed to build a high rise because it is seen as an obstacle to the region’s natural landscape.

Penthouse in a Rock (Beirut, Lebanon)

The idea of having a home in the rock is so unthinkable, right? That was the case with this penthouse in Beirut, but after the image of the project went on the internet, a lot of investors started to show a real interest in it.
This unusual and unique boasts features such as a glass-bottom pool and cliff top.

Houses On Top Of Shopping Mall (China)

In a city where lives 4 million people and where space is restricted, you need to find some way without breaking any rule. In this case, the solution was building homes located on the roof of the shopping mall. The homes are built atop the eight-story Jiutian International Plaza in Zhuzhou. This architectural structure is one example of non-standardized and erratic solutions that lead to real estate growth.

Bungalow Under Pine Trees (British Columbia, Canada)

Bungalow Under Pine Trees in British Columbia is built the way it merges with its environment and unique planning and emerald mossy help with it. This incredible seaside house has reflected glass that looks absolutely amazing in the background of the blue sea and setting sun. The home us luxurious and stately, right decision for those who want to escape and who craving a serene time.

Cliff House (Coquimbo, Chile)

Hanging over the edge of a cliff this structure is a real tourist attraction. With expansive windows, and an open living room as well as a dining room, there is as well a terrace that looks out straight into the sea.
To enter this unreal place you have a set of stairs that travel underneath a small pool, to the left of the entrance for the upper observation deck.

The Mirrorcube Hotel (Lapland, Sweden)

The Mirrorcube Hotel is a kind of hide-out nestled in trees and hidden by mirror walls that lend a reflection of its surroundings. The mirror walls are covered with a layer of infrared so that birds don’t think of it as a setback in their way of flying. This amazing hotel offers top-notch accommodation for visitors with a double bed, terrace, and a chic lounge. There are also showers and saunas housed in independent nearby buildings. Every tree room has even a WiFi connection.

Dugout House (Texas, U.S.A)

Embedded two meters below ground level, this magnificent home in Texas resembles a minimal dugout, but not everything is as it looks because sometimes looks can be very deceptive. This house has everything needed to lead a luxurious life. It even has a tiny pool in the backyard.

Lake Chalet (Hordaland, Norway)

Lake Chalet is a hunting lodge that is nestled as a standalone structure alongside a lake in the castaway mountain region which is accessible only through horseback and foot. The main objective of this structure was integration into the landscape, where the architects performed to the best of their capability.

Desert Oasis (California, U.S.A)

This weird house which is located in the middle of a Californian desert, from a distance looks like a heap of dried leaves. The house aka ‘oasis in the middle of a desert’ is finished in 1993 and designed by Bangs Kellogg.

Canyon Mansion (Utah, USA)

The Canyon Mansion in Utah is built in the late 20th century by a couple, who wanted to fulfill their dream of living in a serene, idyllic place. It has cozy rooms and unique dwelling make for an adventure-packed habitat. The entire vibe of the house is inspiring and spirit nourishing.


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