Most Hated NBA Players Today

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1 – Draymond Green

The first player on our list is Draymond Green. The hate for Green has subsided a little since it hit its peak when the Warriors were going on their fourth straight finals run but there are still a lot of fans who hate him. Whenever he gets a bad call from the referee or even when he scores he is very expressive which can rub people the wrong way. Along with this his outrage over many common fouls leads him to receive a technical foul as well. The main factor in which Draymond is hated by so many is his dirty style of play. This was highlighted in the 2016 playoff round The Warriors had in 2 series against Oklahoma City Thunder and The Cleveland Cavaliers. The first comes in a series against The Oklahoma City Thunder when guarded by Thunder big man Steven Adams, Green flailed his leg and it found his way to hit Adams where ‘the sun does not shine at full force’. This could have waved off as a mistake but the same thing happened again in the same series. Just one series after this, Draymond found a new player to target.

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