Celebs Who Were Born Rich

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PSY – Park Jae-Sang

Singer with over 2 billion views on Youtube, didn’t make his millions from music, but he was actually wealthy in his owm right before he became famous. Hailing from the Gangam Distric in Seoul, South Korea, his father Park Won-Ho is the executive chairman of DI Corporation, and his mother owns several restaurants thoughout the district. Psy was actually expected to take over his father’s company and went on Boston University in 1996 to study business. However, when he came to the United States, he lost interest and dropped out to study at Berklee College of Music. Despite a risky career move, he has achieved international stardom and after the release of Gangam Style, his father’s company doubled surging to $113.5 billion, so we are sure that there is no hard times for Psy!

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