Friendliest Family Dog Breeds

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Most dog lovers consider their dogs as members of their families. Raising a puppy is a lot like raising small children, they get to everything. Choosing a family dog can be a challenging and stressful job, especially when you have children around. You always want to make sure that you have chosen the right one and friendliest one to be around your kids and family.


Labrador is faithful, obedient, social and smart. It can live from ten to fourteen decades. It’s a very popular and common family dog and consistently does it best to please you as well as reveals an openness to strangers. They are extremely enthusiastic and hyperactive. They’re receptive dogs so they can always notice and detect if you are sad or upset and they won’t stop following you until they make you feel much better. It is used in therapies as a guide dog and for missions in police corps because they are easy to train and educate and instruct. Also, Labradors are well trained to help people who have|pneumonia or blindness and can act as a good therapy dog.

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